My Approach

“It was acceptance that raised my self-esteem and motivated and inspired me more than anything else.” – D.Williams

Because every individual with Asperger is different, the type and level of support I give will depend on the student’s specific needs. I create a one to one relationship with every student, that’s based on trust, and carefully create an environment in which it feels safe to learn.

Benefits for the student.

  • Easing stress and anxiety.
  • Regulation of emotions and reactions.
  • Strengthening communication skills and social interactions.
  • Developing strategies to manage homework and workload.
  • Reinforcing ability to work and cope independently at school.

Benefits for the teaching staff.

  • Providing feedback on the student and promoting Autism awareness.
  • Identifying areas where the learning environment can be adapted.
  • Providing strategies to support the student’s learning.

Benefits for parents.

  • Listening to concerns, taking family history and feedback into account.
  • Knowing the student is safe and supported.
  • Receiving regular updates on progress made.