Online Consultations

Asperger syndrome is a complex condition that challenges traditional parenting styles. It can have a profound impact on the family due to the level of stress and emotional pressures it may cause.

As a parent, you have a crucial role to play in supporting your Asperger child, however sometimes you may feel frustrated or overwhelmed. Your child’s behaviour may seem difficult to understand or control, and you may feel like you need guidance.

I can help you to get a better understanding of children with Asperger in general and of your child in particular. My objective is to help you adapt your parenting to suit your child’s personality and needs.

I offer help with:

  • communication strategies
  • methods to ease interaction within the family
  • sensory needs awareness and management
  • behavioural management strategies

You will have an opportunity to talk about your child’s difficulties and the specific problems that you face as a parent. You will get the support you need to overcome stressful situations.

Parent support and training is an effective way to empower you and your child to improve your family’s life.

A one-hour session over Google Meet, Skype, WhatsApp or Hangouts is 60€.
Please contact me to discuss availability.

Note: I do not offer diagnosis and will not give advice regarding medication or other medical procedures.