Support In School

Personalised advice and support are given, based on observation and intervention at various times in the school day.

The objective of classroom intervention is as follows.

  • Give the student strategies to cope with the environment and daily routine.
  • Re-enforce focus and attention skills during the lesson.
  • Support understanding and knowledge acquisition.
  • Strengthen behaviour control and emotional regulation.
  • Make suggestions for a more “Asperger friendly” learning environment (in collaboration with teaching staff).

Examples of specific interventions.

  • Ensuring specific seating arrangements, especially in crowded rooms.
  • Regulating class temperature or limiting class chatter and noise level to avoid sensory overload.
  • Discreetly checking the student understands the task given.
  • Providing visual cues in situations where expectations and demands can be confusing.
  • Allowing the student to take time-out if becoming anxious.

My presence is also crucial during potentially more stressful moments in the school day, such as transitions between classes and lunch/break times.

I work closely with educational staff, counsellors or pastoral leaders and act as a link with parents or guardians, to ensure expectations are understood, shared and eventually met.