Erasmus+ project

Really excited to announce that I will be participating in a 2 year Erasmus+ project , researching ways to improve the learning experience of students with Asperger.

In partnership with Godalen college, Norway, and 5 other European partners, I will be coordinating research in Spain for this E.U. funded venture.

The project aims to develop an innovative teacher training programme to equip educators with the knowledge and tools they require to improve Asperger students’ learning experience, enabling them to thrive and develop to their fullest potential at school. 

Given an environment that respects their unique way of seeing and experiencing the world, I sincerely believe that Asperger students can flourish and prove to be a real asset for any school.

Throughout the project, I will be representing Sotogrande International School (SIS) where I work as an Autism learning support specialist. SIS is a truly inclusive organisation in Spain, which lives up to the motto that “No student should be left behind”.

Very much looking forward to working with representatives from other European countries, and sharing years of experience, study and passion for Asperger students.

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