Autistic technology workers have a natural gift for coding, quality assurance and robotics

I hired someone with Asperger's -- now what? - CNN

Autistic adults may often excel in I.T. and similar careers, especially when the job involves sustained concentration and the need to process large amounts of computer data.

In tasks requiring strong information processing skills, people with autism have greater than normal capacity for perceiving more information. They are also better able to detect “critical” information.

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Women and autism

Autism is more difficult to diagnose in girls than boys. This is often linked to the fact that girls seem to have a greater ability to develop strategies to hide their condition; leading to late diagnosis. This article relates the experience of seven women and what it was like to discover they were on the spectrum later in life.


German IT firm seeks autistic workers

Declaring its eagerness to find workers that “think differently”, a German software giant announced in 2013 it planned to recruit hundreds of people with autism within the next few years. Read article here

Recently, Simon Baron-Cohen explained that with the right support and reasonable adjustments, autistic people make wonderful employees. Why you should hire an autistic person…