10 key areas of support at College or University for students with Asperger

Top 10 Supports for Students with AutismThe transition to College or University can be difficult for students with Asperger but with appropriate support, these bright young adults can thrive beyond school.

This article lists the areas of support that need to be looked into for a successful transition.


Anxiety and autism in the classroom

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Imagine a world where you have no choice but to follow rules that you don’t know exist until you get them wrong, and rules which have no logical function… The author of this article talks about ways to approach students on the spectrum dealing with anxiety issues.

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10 ways to help parents of a child with autism

If you know someone who has a child on the autism spectrum, this article suggests the best ways that you can help:



10 things autistic people want others to know about talking to them

People who have autism experience the world differently, and this often makes it harder for them to communicate. This article from The Guardian lists 10 important insights into the challenges autistic people face in social situations, and what we can do to make things easier.


How music is being used to treat autism

Clinicians in Detroit have seen that for people with autism, music speaks louder than words – and improvised music can help them express emotion effectively.