10 key areas of support at College or University for students with Asperger

Top 10 Supports for Students with AutismThe transition to College or University can be difficult for students with Asperger but with appropriate support, these bright young adults can thrive beyond school.

This article lists the areas of support that need to be looked into for a successful transition.


Why Asperger students may prefer studying from home

Day 4 Remote Learning – Assumption Regional Catholic School

This article shows how virtual school could prove a positive experience for students with Asperger:

– Some shy, hyperactive or highly creative kids can focus and perform better without the distracting or intimidating aspects of socialisation in school

– some students find it empowering, getting a taste of more independence, having the flexibility to study when, how and at the pace they want. They can take ownership of their learning

some benefit from a lighter agenda with no overload of activities, giving more time to dedicate to school work.

– others find easier to learn without the pressure of regular testing and the fear of failing that goes with it

– Students who have been victims of physical or verbal bullying at school feel safe at home and their participation and focus in class is improved

some students are able to get more sleep at night which has a strong impact on their performance.

Which raises the questions: Is our current model too demanding? Do students really need to follow six or seven classes a day? Does school day need to be so long? Couldn’t remote learning become an option?..



Disclosing an autism diagnosis at school

Holly's autism film starring role helped raise her ...

Should a child with autism disclose his/her condition in school? There is no straight answer to this question. On one side there are clear benefits of coming out in the open to generate understanding and acceptance. But on the other, there is the fear of being labelled and only seen as “the child with autism”. Raising autism awareness within school is key to promote peer acceptance and helping these students talk openly about their condition.

This video shows Holly, a young student on the spectrum, who took the step of telling everyone in her school.

Anxiety and autism in the classroom

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Imagine a world where you have no choice but to follow rules that you don’t know exist until you get them wrong, and rules which have no logical function… The author of this article talks about ways to approach students on the spectrum dealing with anxiety issues.

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